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Healthy Energetic Balance, Cause of Illness, & Treatment
To better understand disease, one should first understand what constitutes good health. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), there are two important substances in our body: yin (blood/fluid/moisture) and yang (energy/warmth/heat). For simplicity purposes blood and energy will be mentioned to denote the two groups that are vital to one's body. Thus, one can achieve optimum health when sufficient quantities of both blood and energy flows freely through out the body unimpeded. But when there is stagnation of blood and or energy, or when there is insufficient quantities of one or both, this can lead to health problems. Hence, TCM modalities such as acupuncture, herbs, and Tui Na (Chinese therapeutic massage), and Qigong are used to open and disperse stagnation and replenish deficient conditions to heal the body. 

According to medical Qigong theory, as we live, we accumulate energy. Life experiences are stored in our bodies as energetic memories. Negative life experiences cause negative energies to be stored in our bodies but we are able to deal with them to a certain degree. It is only when we have excessive amounts of negative life experiences or that are extremely traumatic is when it may result in illnesses. Even if the negative experience occurred a long time ago, that negative experience can still harbor negative energy and pose problems continuously and long afterwards. Some of the common negative emotions include: stress/anger, sadness/depression, and worry/over-thinking. So the treatment principle with Qigong is to remove the negative energy that has accumulated in the client's body, then regulate the energy, and more or less tonify the energy if necessary. Uniquely, Qigong treatment sessions are a little different from other TCM modalities because it utilizes the universal or heavenly energy. Qigong treatments work on the physical body as well as on the emotional and spiritual levels, this leaves the clients in a calm relaxed state, as if they were meditating. Best of all, a client can benefit from the Qigong treatments no matter where they reside, because the clients do not need to be in the physical presence of the practitioner. It can be done over long distances.
The energy healer treats what he can feel, even the subtlest of changes in the energy of the body can be sensed and felt if there are issues. The goal of the practitioner is to provide a lending hand, to provide enough push and guidance so that the body can recover and perform the remainder of the healing.