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​Acupuncture is the use of fine needles placed on the various part of the body. The point of insertion can be near the affected areas requiring attention or the site can be at a distance where a particular energy channel/meridian passess through. Once the needles are inserted, they may be manipulated so that the energy is brought to the site of insertion to enhance its effectiveness. The combination of points and the number of needles used can differ widely from one practitioner to the next and will depend on their experience and training. 

Qigong/Energy Healing
Dr. Kim has the knowledge and experience to provide Qigong treatments and other modalities of traditional Chinese medicine.

For more information or if you have specific questions, please call or text Dr. Kim's assistant Ann, at 916-899-8675.
A medical Qigong healer begins each treatment by connecting with the energy of the universe and earth. The Qigong healer only acts as a conduit where the energy passes through the healer to connect with the client. A Qigong treatment does not involve physical contact, only on certain occasions. A Qigong healer will remove negative energy that does not belong in the body, thereby promote healing and wellness. During a typical treatment, the client may feel movement through out their body and even see various colors of illumination. When the treatment is completed, they may feel as though they were in a meditative state. 

Traditional Chinese medicinal herbs can range from leaves, twigs, stems, bark, roots, seeds, and even dried fruits. Each herb has a unique function and properties that works on specific meridians and channels or organs. Some herbs are warm, some cold, some bitter, some aromatic, others purge, and some strengthen. Thus, choosing the right herb or a combination thereof really depends on the client's needs and their constitution. Herbal prescriptions can be obtained in raw form where it has to boiled or purchased in pill form. It truly depends on the client in how they wish to take the herbs that is necessary or recommended.

Cupping is a method of creating a vacuum in a glass or plastic cups that is then applied to the surface of the skin. It works to pull toxins, such as dampness, and remove blood stagnation, and promotes blood circulation. 

Tui Na (Chinese Therapeutic Massage)
Tui Na is actually massage used to treat ailments and not only for the purpose of promoting relaxation. It incorporates the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and may involve manipulation and adjustments.

Moxibustion is a compaction of herbs that is then heated and applied to various acupuncture points to promote healing. Sometimes they are attached to the ends of an acupuncture needle or it can be applied by itself over a piece of garlic or ginger (placed under the moxa to prevent burning). It can help relieve cold in the channels, promote circulation, and bring back warmth and energy back into the body.
*This Service is no longer offered.*
Energy Chakra Maintenance
Energy Chakra Maintenance involves, cleaning each of the seven energy Chakra Gates/Filters to improve the flow of energy. Each chakra is then realigned or balanced with each of the other seven chakras. Lastly, each of the chakras are energized.

New patient consultations can range from one to two hours. Evaluations will be performed on the client using the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and I use my healing skills to connect with the client at a deeper level of mind, body and spirit to determine the root cause of their current state of imbalance. This is also a time where the patient is guided in helping themselves and will be informed of all things to do and avoid to maximize their healing.